June 18th 2024




Update news 3rd W of Jun, 2024

You can now automate workflows by connecting with over 7,000 services using Zapier. We’ve also added a popover list linking action to easily connect individual tasks to lists from any page, and a beautiful animation to show the task you’re currently focusing on. Here’s a detailed look at this week’s improvements.

⭐This Week's Highlights

Popover list linking 🔗

You can now link tasks to lists from the task popover. Whether you want to connect a completed task to a goal later or created a task on the focus page, you can now link it to a list without leaving the page.


Zapier Integration 🤖

To meet your various service integration needs, we now support Zapier integration, allowing you to create automated workflows with over 7,000 services. Native integrations with Jira, Linear, etc., will be expanded in the future. For now, try creating and using your desired workflows with Zapier.

  • In OFFLIGHT Settings > Integration, you can get and view the API token for Zapier integration.

  • On Zapier, you can use the Create a task in OFFLIGHT action.

    • Examples:

      • When a new ticket is assigned to me in Jira, add a new task in OFFLIGHT.

      • When I’m mentioned on Discord, create a new task in OFFLIGHT.

  • On Zapier, you can set Task completed in OFFLIGHT as a trigger.

    • Examples:

      • When a task is completed in OFFLIGHT, send a message to a specific channel on Discord.

      • When a Gmail task in OFFLIGHT is completed, reply to the email with the content written in the note.

  • You can use the task redirect feature by entering the source link when creating a Zapier action.

📚 For more details, check the OFFLIGHT Zapier Integration Docs

🪧 Currently, you can add OFFLIGHT Zapier integration via an private invite link. Once officially published, we’ll provide workflow templates for easy use.


💎 Hidden Gems


New Focus Animation

When you press the focus start button on the task controller or use the shortcut F, time tracking for the task starts, allowing you to focus. It was hard to know if you were currently focusing and on which task. Now, with the new animation showing the task you’re focusing on, you can see it at a glance.


Sublist Removal action button

An action button to remove sub-lists from a specific list has been added to the list actions menu.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the time block of a previous task reverted to 30 minutes when creating a consecutive time block for the next task.


🚀 Upcoming


  • Recurring Tasks: Automatically create and manage tasks that you manually create repeatedly.

  • Calendar Event Creation: Create and invite events on the calendar from OFFLIGHT without going to the calendar service.

  • Task Planning: Use the command bar to plan tasks for specific dates and times.

  • Jira Integration: Manage tasks from Jira directly in OFFLIGHT.

  • Mobile App: Manage your tasks with OFFLIGHT on the go. We’re working on a mobile app.


💬 Behind the Scenes

  • Our frontend developer Roy started working out seriously last week. He says exercise is now essential for life. Let’s see how long his commitment lasts. We believe a healthy body leads to a healthy product. Go, Roy!

  • Our designer Leo is going on vacation to Ganghwa Island this Friday. He’s been looking stressed lately; enjoy a good book and recharge, then come back to make more fun products with us!

💞 Special Thanks

A big thank you to Soyodi, Yang Sooyoung, Kim Eunji, Kim Jihyun, Yoon Jongyoon, Eric Kim, Goh Kyungjin, and all our anonymous users for your valuable feedback this week. We’re preparing more great improvements to repay your interest.