May 6th 2024



Update news - 1st W of May,2024

With your recharged energy, we hope you have a powerful and productive week ahead. Here are the improvements we made to OFFLIGHT over the past week. 💪

⭐This Week's Highlights

Calendar Modal Design Renewal 📅

Until last week, the calendar event modal still retained the look from our first MVP in August 2023. Now, it has been redesigned to match the rest of the interface, with some functional improvements as well.

  • The calendar modal has been changed to a calendar popover to minimize eye movement.

  • Event information is now organized into sections for better structure.

  • You can view notes for time-blocked tasks directly in the calendar.

  • You can redirect to the specific event through the calendar redirect feature.

💎 Hidden Gems


Task Popover Update ✨

You can now view additional information in the task popover, such as the integration source, connected calendar, and time block duration. There are still many features to be added to the task popover, so stay tuned for future updates.

Custom Settings Added ⚙️

  • You can toggle the display of scheduled time tags in the task list on or off.

  • You can toggle the display of ‘scheduled with OFFLIGHT’ in calendar time blocks on or off.

For more details on the settings, refer to the guide document.

Task List API Improvement ⚡

Speed is a crucial value in productivity tools. We have improved the API performance to make the service more responsive. We will continue to work on speed improvements to save every fraction of a second.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where service integrations were not properly disconnected.

  • Fixed an issue where events were not displayed correctly around midnight.


🚀 Upcoming Next Week


Today Lane Improvement : The current Focus lane in the Planning page will be changed to Today. You will be able to separate and manage tasks completed on past dates or planned for future dates.

Gmail and Slack Custom Features : Soon, you will be able to customize how Gmail is imported (import all, by label, or starred emails), and add custom features for Slack such as emoji display and message sending upon task completion.

Mobile App : We’ve defined the design and initial specs, and now we’re gearing up for development.



💬 Behind the Scenes

  • We are reconsidering the overall direction of the product. We’re thinking about how to communicate this with our users. We’ll set up a session to explain the background of our decisions and gather your feedback :)

💞 Special Thanks

Thank you to Taewook Kim, Eric Kim, Jihee Park, Seunggon Lee, Jihyun Kim, Jongyoon Yoon, Kyungjin Go, Jiyoon Yeom, Doeon Kwon, Jinhee Lee, Joonhyung Cho, and everyone who sent anonymous feedback this week. 🥂