June 25th 2024




Update news 4th W of Jun, 2024

Here we are again with the OFFLIGHT Weekly Update News! Here are this week’s key improvements.

  • Individual calendar settings for each list

  • Gmail <> OFFLIGHT two-way sync

The long-awaited individual calendar settings for each list are now available for busy users managing multiple calendars. Additionally, you can now configure actions to be taken in Gmail (mark as read, archive, delete) when tasks are completed or deleted in OFFLIGHT. Let’s take a closer look!

⭐This Week's Highlights

Individual Calendar Settings for Each List 📆

You can now set time block calendars individually for each list. Use your personal calendar for personal task lists and your company calendar for work-related task lists. You can manage it all with a single setup, without the need to change settings each time.


Gmail <> OFFLIGHT two-way sync 📧

When you complete or delete a Gmail task in OFFLIGHT, you can now configure Gmail to automatically perform the following actions:

  • When a Gmail task is completed in OFFLIGHT,

    • Mark the corresponding email as Read

    • Archive the corresponding email

    • Do nothing

  • When a Gmail task is deleted in OFFLIGHT,

    • Mark the corresponding email as Read

    • Archive the corresponding email

    • Delete the corresponding email

    • Do nothing

💁‍♂️ Gmail Sync Update Information

  • You can configure the sync settings at Service Integration > Gmail > Settings. The default setting is to archive on completion and deletion.

  • Existing users of the Gmail integration will need to update permissions to use the new two-way sync feature.

    • You can check if an update is needed on the integration page.

🚀 Recommended Settings

  • By setting all your emails to be imported into OFFLIGHT and using the two-way sync, you won’t need to visit Gmail for checking and organizing emails anymore!


💎 Hidden Gems


Quick Action Improvement for Task Planning

In Today, when using the shortcut Shift + → on tasks planned on past dates, the tasks will now be rescheduled to tomorrow’s date instead of the next day after the past date.

Example: If today is June 25th,

  • Before: Using the [Shift + ] shortcut on a task planned for June 21st rescheduled it to June 22nd.

  • After: Using the [Shift + ] shortcut on a task planned for June 21st reschedules it to June 26th.



Error Page Update

For those who have experienced errors in OFFLIGHT, you may have seen a page full of intimidating code. We’ve updated the error page to a space travel theme to help ease the stress when errors occur.




🐛 Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to unpin a list (goal) from the task controller.

  • Fixed an issue where content was obscured when a list was pinned.

  • Fixed an issue where time block events were not distinguishable from regular calendar events when not synced with Google Calendar.



🚀 Upcoming

  • Recurring Tasks: Automatically create and manage tasks that you manually create repeatedly.

  • Calendar Event Creation: Create and invite events on the calendar from OFFLIGHT without going to the calendar service.

  • Task Planning: Use the command bar to plan tasks for specific dates and times.

  • Jira Integration: Manage tasks from Jira directly in OFFLIGHT.

  • Mobile App: Manage your tasks with OFFLIGHT on the go. We’re working on a mobile app.




💬 Behind the Scenes

  • We switched from using Twist to Slack for our company communication tool. Although we loved the thread-centric async communication of Twist, its notification errors were too frequent to continue using it. It made us realize that no matter how good a concept is, it needs a solid foundation to work.

  • We are making visible progress on the calendar event creation feature. With recurring tasks, planning, and calendar event creation in place, we are curious and a bit anxious about the feedback we’ll receive.

  • With the basics of our product now solid, we are gearing up to take more Go to market actions to introduce Offlight to more users. If you’re interested in partnering with us or helping with marketing, please reach out!


💞 Special Thanks

Special thanks to Junno Yoon, Yoonjae Oh, Woojae Jung, Jungjae Hwang, Bogyung Kim, Hyojin Yang, Jaesung Kim, Eric Kim, Jaehyun Lee, Taewook Kim, and all the anonymous users for your interest and feedback this week. Look forward to more improvements next week!