March 11th 2024



Update news - 1st W of Mar,2024

It's been a month since our last update. During this time, the OFFLIGHT team has been working hard to make it easier for you to set and manage your goals and tasks. We've also made various usability improvements. Here are the main updates from the past month :)

πŸ”—Β Goal group view

You can now map tasks to goals and add new tasks related to your goals directly from the planning page. Many users found it inconvenient to view goals and create/mapping tasks only on the organizing page. Now, you can organize your inbox with the goal group view and create tasks more efficiently.

🎨 Task Popover Improvements

The design of the detailed task view has been improved, and some essential new features have been added.

  • Instead of a screen-blocking popup, we now have a task popover on the right side, minimizing mouse movement.

  • A delete button for time blocks has been added.

  • Now, when you edit a task and close it by pressing ESC, your changes are automatically saved.

🀏 Task Sorting Enhancements

Drag & drop task sorting, previously only available on the planning page, is now available on the organizing and focus pages as well. You can now sort tasks on any page as you like.

🏠 Notion Multi-Workspace Integration

Following Slack, Notion now supports multi-workspace integration too. You can bring in your personal, company, and side project workspaces and manage them all in one inbox on OFFLIGHT.

πŸ’ŽΒ Hidden jam

  • You can now see the planned work time and goal information directly in the task.

  • The deadline tag image has been improved. Deadlines and planned dates were previously difficult to distinguish, but now deadlines use a flag metaphor for better clarity.

  • The art for uncategorized goals has been updated to be more visually appealing. Enjoy working on your tasks even when they are not tied to a specific goal.

PS) We plan to share product updates more frequently to maintain better communication with you. Feel free to share your honest feedback, thoughts, and ideas about our product anytime. πŸ™‚